About The Florida Free Press

It’s an understatement to note that the American mainstream press is failing America. The vast majority of national news outlets spew bunk designed to influence the public rather than just report the unfiltered facts. The social pressure spawned by an Orwellian social saturation of political correctness has made many people averse to speaking openly. This horrible predicament has set the United States on a terrible trajectory that no democracy can survive.

Even worse is so much of the commentary we see these days. Columnists and commentators willfully misrepresent facts merely to advance their own intellectually bankrupt positions. Those who become so entrenched in positions that irrefutable facts merely bounce off their hubris cannot realistically expect to ever be part of a real solution to any problem. America has no shortage of such hack pundits. The political landscape is strewn with morons and miscreants masquerading as thinkers. They do debate no good whatsoever.

That’s where The Florida Free Press comes in. We don’t pull punches for anyone. Just the facts. If we get our facts wrong, we see no shame in admitting it, and adjusting our positions accordingly.

We will vigorously explore the root causes of the multitude of problems we face as a nation, and offer honest thought on how we can mitigate the damage done and move toward realistic solutions.

America was conceived and established by vigorous debate and sensible compromise in pursuit of liberty and justice for all. It was a place and time when we could think freely and speak freely without fear of retribution or exclusion.

We need to get back to that place.

Welcome to The Florida Free Press.