The Washington Post: Capital Claptrap


The Washington Post has always had a liberal bent. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, given the fact the newspaper was founded in 1877 as a “four-page organ of the Democratic Party.” It ended its party affiliation when it came under new ownership in 1889. Since then, the paper has had its ups and downs, but eventually solidified its position as the American Capital’s preeminent daily.

During most of the Twentieth Century, the news organization managed to maintain a decent reputation for reliable reporting despite its leftist proclivities. Nonetheless, the paper has worked diligently over the last few years to eliminate whatever credibility it accumulated.  At present, it is hard to imagine a more inherently left-biased “mainstream” national daily news outlet than the Washington Post.

The Post’s sappy, melodramatic tagline, “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” is quite obviously designed to head off anticipated criticism of its brand of news and commentary. The laughable slogan implies that the Post somehow exists as a gallant guardian of the truth and defender of said democracy. At this point, nothing is further from the truth.

As a matter of course, the Post couches its headlines in a manner that assuredly undermines conservatism and buttresses leftism. An example from January 2017 illustrates well just how far WaPo will go in order to advance its leftist agenda. According to Investor’s Business Daily, the Post ran a story about a poll it conducted with ABC News that asked if Trump should sell his business to avoid conflicts of interest while president. The story, according to Investor’s Business Daily, was originally (and ridiculously) titled, “More than 4 in 10 say Trump should sell his businesses — but even more say he shouldn’t, poll finds.” Interestingly, WaPo later changed the headline to, “A majority of Americans feel like Trump has done enough on his conflicts of interest.” Clearly, the headline was changed as a result of being exposed for glaring bias while covering one of its own polls. Interestingly, if one searches the original headline, the retitled story appears at the top of the results.

What the aforementioned headline illustrates is the pain WaPo will go to in order to cast negative light on Donald Trump, in order to blunt any positive momentum he might gain with respect to any issue whatsoever. One need only to check the Post’s headlines each morning to see just how flagrantly manifest its bias is. A litany of examples is available with a quick internet search. Dozens of media outlets and websites have documented and dissected countless instances wherein the Post has abdicated its self-proclaimed role of conservator of democracy.

Perhaps the bias wouldn’t appear to be so brazen, but for the fact that this same organization went to equally great lengths to cast positive light on Barack Obama. It spent as much energy protecting Obama as it does attacking Trump. Its approach to Trump is the perfect converse of its coverage of Obama.

What’s worse than WaPo’s penchant for twisting the truth through creative headlining and crafty spinning is the overwhelmingly leftist thread that runs like lifeblood through the vast majority of its op-ed pieces. Most of the opinions that appear in the publication read more like Democratic talking points and position statements than genuine, neutral analysis. With its dubious amalgamation of column writers and op-ed contributors, the Post has made a mockery of authentic journalism, especially in light of its catchy slogan.

The Washington Post has, in essence, returned to its roots as an avid abettor of the Democratic party.

Objective news and analysis will simply not be found there.

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