An Epic American Comedy

The Implosion of the Democratic Party


It’s delicious.

It seems as though, for the Democratic (Socialist) Party at least, the worse it gets, well, the worse it gets.

We reap what we sow. The left wing of the left wing just doesn’t seem to grasp that fundamental precept of the human condition. Eventually, the chickens always come home to roost. That is, unless one makes momentous changes in one’s direction.

Over the last few years, the hard-charging Democratic establishment, having become so accustomed to somehow sowing one crop and reaping another, became audaciously smug and contemptuous, and as a consequence, never saw its current condition coming. An all-out intra-party civil war is afoot. Even worse, neither the party’s leadership nor its far left activists have a shred of a clue about how to get their party out of quicksand. The party’s entrenched power brokers see the sun beginning to set on their reign, as a new breed of angry millennials, bent on moving the party toward some sort of Affirmative Action-driven Bolshevism, begins to wave pitchforks and axe handles at them. The Democratic Party is truly in a crisis of¬†monumental proportions.

The old guard has been caught off guard, and is now faced with putting their asses squarely where their mouths have been for so long.

The party’s base, for so long composed largely of guilt-ridden, middle class, white, center-left moderates, is beginning to fracture. Droves of moderate Democrats are beginning to discover that the utopian oasis that they thought they saw in the future was merely a mirage, that their party has been hijacked by hateful, Middle America-hating pseudo-intellectuals, and that it is time to get out. White liberals have created a monster that threatens to eat them all.

Democratic politicians who have made social divisions their stock-in-trade are now finding that they are the wrong color or the wrong gender or the wrong age (or any combination of the three) to lead their party as it melts down into its core elements, absent any semblance of the unity requisite to a party of national importance.

The party now fights for inclusion by expressly practicing exclusion. That’s just one of the countless ironies and contradictions that have permeated the very fabric of the organization.

It’s difficult to predict where all this will take us, but it will, without doubt,¬† be quite a show to watch.

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